Website Refreshed

As part of a learning 3D coding process, the website has been renewed with some updates of activities from the past few years and some upcoming projects. The aim for this website is to add more varieties of graphic contents that are more interactive. Also the information will be added and updated as frequently as possible, with more details on future projects that are currently being organized.

Recording - New Work “May Remain”

This composition was co-commissioned by Orgelpark and Gaudeamus for electronics, vibraphone, and organ, that is to be performed by Plastiklova, an electroacoustic music duo I have been working on with my colleague Laurent Warnier. The original premiere was scheduled in 2020, which had to be postponed due to the lockdown. Special thanks to Orgelpark, we were able to spend lots of time working on this piece during the pandemic and make this work very special. After more than a year of preparation, the work was successfully presented to the public at Orgelpark and during Gaudeamus Muziekweek in September 2021. The recording below is the premiere at Orgelpark.

watch video

Rescheduled - Premiere of New Work for New European Ensemble

After being postponed, the premiere of a work commissioned by NL based music group, New European Ensemble, is now rescheduled on November 18th, 2022. More information will follow shortly.

The piece will be for the chamber ensemble of acoustic instruments, to be a new episode of Dowland Series that I have been working on. Art of Deconstruction, Arrangement, and Recreation, the series is a set of works that are written based on music by a renaissance composer John Dowland, in order to challenge a creative method in writing music by taking existing music materials.

Dowland Series - playlist

Coming Soon - Plastiklova Mini Album, New Organ Project, and More

With my colleague Laurent Warnier and I have been working on this electroacoustic music duo, Plastiklova. Our artistic aim is to use acoustic sounds (usually the vibraphone) to trigger the electronics, in order to make direct connections between the intuitively-performed raw sounds and the electronically-processed outcome. These are upcoming news.

We've recorded and edited the recording of our new work, and they are almost ready to go online. The theme of the new album is analog electronics & the vibraphone, and it will be published on various streaming platforms.

Also, we'll be working with the organ again later this year, yet in a very different approach to it. With live audio analysis of the vibraphone's acoustic sounds and the digital console of Orgelpark's organ, the organ will be triggered and controlled by the vibraphone but not the organist, and no speakers will be used for this project. Organ music without organists and electronic music without speakers, the premiere is set to be November 5th, 2022 at Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam.

In addition, we're currently developing the possibilities in the duo's concept and working on a new project using also audio-generative visual contents. So, it'll be a project to present the 3D graphics and electronic sounds, which are generated, controlled, and mixed with acoustic sounds of the vibraphone and possibly other objects. The project is being organized and more info will follow soon.

audio-generative sample material
ideas for new organ project
more on Plastiklova

Immersive Theater - "De Bësch"

One of the projects I worked on during the last year was a project of Immersive Theater "De Bësch", that was presented outside in forests. With my colleague as Plastiklova, we created various sounds and installed them in the forest for this project. The project was presented during the fall of 2021 in three different forests of Luxembourg.

In addition, the duo had stayed active online during the quarantine. We were working on creating sounds and presented our works on various platforms, including an online event in New York, an online quarantine session in Luxembourg, radio program broadcast in California, and an online art festival in Italy. You can watch or listen to some of the activities via link below:

Premiered - New Solo Work for Cello

During the first year of pandemic, I've written a new solo composition for cellist Hiroki Kadowaki. The work title is “Shade in Sustainsion” and it's also part of the Dowland Series mentioned above. It was premiered in November 2020, Tottori, Japan.