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Upcoming Events

February 7 2023 @ Philharmonie, Luxembourg
“Down and Arise”, a composition for a chamber ensemble and part of Dowland Series, will be performed again by United Instruments of Lucilin, an ensemble for contemporary music based in Luxembourg, which commissioned and premiered the piece in 2018.
- Philharmonie website
- premiere excerpts video "Down and Arise"
- Lucilin website

September 17 2023 14:00 @ Alter Schlachthof, Eupen, Belgium
In collaboration with Ensemble 88 we will premiere a new multimedia work “Orthorealm” during the Ostbelgien Festival. This project combines live performers, electronics, and visuals, creating a captivating four-dimensional experience. Sound and imagery intertwine, projecting across screens, speakers, and performers, pushing the boundaries of traditional performance.
- Alter Schlachthof

October 7 2023 20:30 @ AINSI, Maastricht
We'll have a NL premiere of the multimedia work “Orthorealm” with Ensemble 88 at one of the events presented by INTRO IN SITU.
- Event page

November 25 2023 10:00 @ Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa
I will present a lecture “Beyond Sound and Vision: Sculpting Hyperdimensional Space Through Audio-Reactive Multimedia Art”, introducing some of my works including the latest work “Orthorealm”.

November 25 2023 @ Johannesburg, South Africa
The multimedia work “NoiseSample” was selected from the Netherlands pole for ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) and will be presented during this year's festival in South Africa. I’ll also give a presentation of my recent works during the festival.
- ISCM South Africa
- NoiseSample on Youtube

December 3 2023 @ Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam
An electroacoustic music duo with my colleague Laurent Warnier Plastiklova will perform a work for vibraphone, electronics, and organ, “May Remain” during Prix Annelie de Man
- Prix Annelie de Man 2023
- May Remain on Youtube

December 8 2023 @ Tokyo Opera City, Japan
Aki Kitajima, a member of a dynamic collective exploring and presenting contemporary chamber music works in Japan, Minorité, will perform "Shade in Sustainsion" for cello solo at the event that is part of the "Pegasus Concert Series" during the Music of Our Time Festival.
- Event page
- Minorité Website

December 17 2023 20:00 @ Ftarri Suidobashi, Tokyo, Japan
I will be presenting some of my works and improvisation session with Kiyomitsu Odai and Tom Soloveitzik. - Event page

There are some projects currently being organized, and there will be updates as soon as new projects are confirmed.