Upcoming Events

November 5 2022 @ Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam
An electroacoustic music duo with my colleague Laurent Warnier Plastiklova will be working with the organ again later this year, yet in a very different approach to it. With live audio analysis of the vibraphone's acoustic sounds and the digital console of Orgelpark's organ, the organ will be triggered and controlled by the acoustic sounds of the vibraphone but not the organist, and no speakers will be used for this project.
- Ideas for the new organ project
- Orgelpark website

November 18 2022 @ TBA
After being postponed, the premiere of a work commissioned by NL based music group, New European Ensemble, is now rescheduled. The piece will be for the chamber ensemble of acoustic instruments, to be a new episode of Downland Series that I have been working on. More information will follow shortly.
- New European Ensemble website

February 7 2023 @ Philharmonie, Luxembourg
“Down and Arise”, a composition for a chamber ensemble and part of Dowland Series, will be performed again by United Instruments of Lucilin, an ensemble for contemporary music based in Luxembourg, which commissioned and premiered the piece in 2018.
- Philharmonie website
- premiere excerpts video "Down and Arise"
- Lucilin website

Obviously, there are more projects currently being organized, and there will be updates as soon as new projects are confirmed.