Yu Oda

- Composer -


- Electronics, Vibraphone, and Organ: New Project for Plastiklova

Electronics and the vibraphone, the duo with my percussionist colleague “Plastiklova” is currently working on a new project with the organ. Using the instrument of Nicolaïkerk in Utrecht and Orgelpark in Amsterdam, the co-commissioned new work for electronics and vibraphone with the organ will be premiered during Gaudeamus Music Week this september and performed again at Orgelpark laer in the month. In addition, a larger organ project is currently being organized for the furture season. See the tryout video, and more info will follow.

- Sound Color and Groove: New Pieces for New European Ensemble

I’m happy to announce that I will write two new pieces and work with the great ensemble based in the Netherlands - New European Ensemble. For the first piece, to be premiered in Den Haag this September, I will perform electronics myselfand to create the groove and the soundscape of the electro-acoustic world with the ensemble. The second piece, on the other hand, will use only the acoustic sounds of the group and be a new episocde of Downland Series that I have been working on. The second piece will be premiered in February 2021 in Amsterdam.

Art of Deconstruction, Arrangement, and Recreation - Downland Series is a set of works that are written based on music by a renaissance composer John Dowland, in order to challenge a creative method in writing music by taking existing music materials - Listen to the series

- From Troposphere to Stratosphere: "rificia" Music Video

A music video of a new track from Plastiklova, "rificia" is now available on Youtube. Special thanks Osamu Sahara and Tokushima University, the music video wad made using their footage from Space Ballon Project 2014 in Japan.

- Plastiklova EP Release

Percussionist Laurent Warnier and I are thrilled to announce that Plastiklova, our new duo project consisting of vibraphone and electronics, has released the super high definition recording of our live session from TRPTK. It's available for purchase from 96kHz/stereo up to 11.2MHz/5.1surround on https://trptk.com/shop/vibe-drive-download/ as well as on spotify. There is also a video of this live recording available on Youtube. Special thanks to Gaudeamus Muziekweek for this recording to happen! Follow us on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates!

- Electronics & String Ensemble: Recording Available Now

The Cord Pulse, a project to create electronic music the string ensemble from Groningen, Kamerorkest van het Noorden, and a multimedia artist Hannes Andersson, has been successfully performed, and the audio recording with the impression image is now available on Youtube. Special thanks to Sounds of Music Festival and Clash Festival.