Yu Oda

- Composer -


- Plastiklova EP Release

Percussionist Laurent Warnier and I are thrilled to announce that Plastiklova, our new duo project consisting of vibraphone and electronics, has released the super high definition recording of our live session from TRPTK. It's available for purchase from 96kHz/stereo up to 11.2MHz/5.1surround on https://trptk.com/shop/vibe-drive-download/ as well as on spotify. There is also a video of this live recording available on Youtube. Special thanks to Gaudeamus Muziekweek for this recording to happen! Follow us on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates!

- Electronics & String Ensemble

I have been also working with the string ensemble from Groningen, Kamerorkest van het Noorden, and a visual artist Hannes Andersson, to create music with electronics and a string ensemble coordinated with the light and video installation. The project is called "The Cord Pulse", and it's co-organized between Sounds of Music Festival and Clash Festival. It was premiered during Sounds of Music Festival in November, and some video recording will be available shortly! And yes, we are looking forward to developing this project and performing it again during Clash Festival in April 2019: Facebook Event

- New Work for Lucilin and Dowland Series

The new piece written for United Instruments of Lucilin, a new music ensemble from Luxembourg was premiered earlier this year. Continuing the John Dowland series I have been working on, this piece is based on his music "Sorrow, Stay". Including the excerpt of this premiere, there is a Playlist of all the compositions I wrote for Dowland Series on Youtube.

- "FAUST" with NNT & NNO

Both as composer and performer, it was a very interesting experience to be part of the theater project "FAUST", working with Noord Nederland Toneel and musicians from Noord Nederland Orkest. It was performed several times during Oerol Festival in Terschelling, and Teaser Trailer and part of the music I composed for this theatre "Faust's Theme" are now available online.

- Recording Available Online

A special studio recording of my work "Like a Beautiful Woman with Dirty Clothes" is available on Bandcamp and iTune for Downloads.

- Special Thanks

As well as many others, I should not forget to thank Station Noord for a tremendous support this year. They have supported my participation as a composer on 2 big projects this year, "Faust" and "The Cord Pulse". These couldn't have happened without their support that I can't thank enough.