Yu Oda

- Composer -


- New Work for Lucilin

I am looking forward to working on and hearing the premiere of my new piece "Down and Arise", commissioned by United Instruments of Lucilin, a new music ensemble from Luxembourg. Continuing the John Dowland series I have been working on, this piece is based on his music "Sorrow, Stay". The premiere will be on the May 4th at Luxembourg Philharmonie hall - read more

- "FAUST" with NNT & NNO

As composer and performer, I am participating in the theater project "FAUST" and working with the team of Noord Nederland Toneel and musicians from Noord Nederland Orkest. This project is to be presented during Oerol Festival at Terschelling, and we will perform everyday between 15th to 23rd of June this year - read more

- Plastiklova New Video

With my colleague Laurent Warnier, we have launched a new duo project called "Plastiklova". It consists of vibraphone and electronics, and we recently made a new video recording: https://youtu.be/TCiBD7N-TWo. Upcoming concerts are being organized at the moment, and updates will follow soon; follow us on Facebook and SoundCloud

- Recording Available Online

A special studio recording of my work "Like a Beautiful Woman with Dirty Clothes" is available on Bandcamp and iTune for Downloads.